Starting at only $14.95 bimonthly for the "mini"


OllieCrate has been serving skateboarders globally for almost 3 years! Every two months we ship a box of skateboard madness to hundreds of skateboarders of all ages!


1. Sign Up!

Fill out the survey and choose your billing cycle, save a few bucks by paying for a up to year's worth of crates at a time (6 cycles=1 year)

2. Mail Call!

Delivery day cannot come soon enough, we ship to all of our customers on the same day every two months!

3. Win!

We randomly send prizes to customers. We have sent OG skateboards as prizes, that are worth over five-hundred dollars.

Get the next batch

We ship to our customers on the same day every two months. with over 3000 customers and 3 years experience, we deliver the greatest skate box a skateboarder of any age, could ever want! We are the only skate box that ships decks, shoes, hoodies, and other items that will do more than collect dust on your dresser!


OllieCrate Skate Swap

Check out one of the fastest growing skateboard collector communities in the world! OllieCrate Skate Swap is a place where collectors can seek out the board they are looking for, or sell the boards they do not need any more! With over 1,500 members including legendary pros, and many local shop owners, it is your source for everything skateboarding, and a great resource for anybody that collects or rides skateboards! 

Joining the swap is free to everyone.