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Natas Prebook Ships Feb 2017

The first subscription box specifically for skateboarders.

In early 2013 a couple 40 something skaters in Melbourne Florida decided to grow outside of their social media collector groups, and thus began a more organized approach to spread their love of skateboarding. Our original intent was to do t-shirts and skateboard fan art, but that evolved into something else completely... These old skater dudes created OllieCrate, the largest skateboard crate subscription of its kind!

We began with just 5 subscribers, and quickly grew to over 100 subscribers in our first year. In just under 2 years OllieCrate has now been in over 300 households in 46 different states and 10 different countries! Today we continue to grow, and keep skateboard art and history alive in every crate!

Our crates and sticker packs all ship at the same time, so don't be expecting a package on your doorstep immediately after you subscribe. Our bimonthly crates ship around the middle of even numbered months, and sticker packs generally ship around the middle of each month.

Check out our facebook buy and sell group... Sort of like eBay, but you get to meet the people you are buying and selling from! Follow the link OllieCrate Skate Swap